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Thank you for being part of our community! Parent/Guardian involvement is such an important part of your child's school experience. Here are some useful links as you go through the school year with us.

AISD Parent Portal

Parents/Guardians can access their student's grades, virtual lessons, resources, and much more through their parent portal. Click here to access information about the AISD parent portal. 

AISD Parent Cloud

Parents/Guardians re now able to access all their students’ educational information in one place. The Parent Cloud serves as the primary resource for all online parent resources. Register your child for the next school year, find curriculum descriptions, grades, assignments, and lunch menus, as well as information about classrooms, the district and more.

AISD Calendar

Austin ISD calendar

Casey Elementary School Website

Get the latest Casey Crocodile news on our school website!


AISD Food Menus

AISD's Equity-Focused SEL 

Let's Talk! Austin ISD's online tool for feedback

from parents/caregivers and other community stakeholders

Austin ISD Board of Trustee's Facebook Page

Keep informed about board policies, school changes, and more! 

AISD Board Policy Manual

Find important information about school policy, including anti-discrimination policies

processes for filing a grievance, and general as well as special education processes

Tell us what's on your mind! 

Casey PTA Virtual Suggestion Box
Are you a Casey PTA Member this year?

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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